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This year's theme: Peering into the Future

The Internet industry, and IP interconnection market specifically, is changing rapidly. Innovations in mobile, security and network equipment succeed one another quickly. Take-overs and expansions happen on a daily basis. To survive and keep thriving, organizations within this market need to be able to continuously adapt themselves. What important developments within the internet industry can we expect in the near future, how should we deal with these developments and how can we keep peering attractive are some of the items that will be discussed during MORE-IP U.S. 2016.

Why attend MORE-IP U.S.?

MORE-IP is bringing together a selection of professionals and decision-makers of the IP interconnection industry. By attending MORE-IP U.S. they have the opportunity to further grow their business. They can connect to new parties, strengthen their existing business relationships, share knowledge and learn about new developments and demands.

Who will be there?

Around 75 professionals from every Internet related sector will be participating at MORE-IP U.S. The following sectors are represented at MORE-IP U.S.:

  • Internet Service Providers
  • Cloud Providers
  • Hosting Providers
  • Application Providers
  • Content Providers
  • Gaming companies
  • Data Centres
  • Vendors of network equipment
  • Market research companies

What to expect?

Besides educational presentations and panel discussions, MORE-IP U.S. offers attendees plenty of networking time.


More-IP US 2015

Main Speakers



The 6th annual MORE-IP event took place in Amsterdam in May 2016. This event brought together more than 250 peering professionals. During two days they had the opportunity to network, follow interesting talks and discussions and listen to the latest updates from the AMS-IX technical and commercial teams. To get a better idea of the event, have a look at this video clip.

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