May 27 & 28, 2015 - Amsterdam, the Netherlands

MORE-IP 2015

Building the Internet Together: The Power of Partnerships and Collaboration

The Internet is made up of more than ± 50,000 connected networks. People are the driving force behind this global communication system. Through partnerships between both people and organizations the Internet has become what it is today, an integral part of our lives. At this year’s MORE-IP event, we will go back to the founding principles of the Internet: partnerships and collaboration. Presentations and panel discussions will cover a wide range of issues within this theme, including challenges for partnerships and successful collaboration practices.

  • Expedition

    Come and see MORE-IP's Keynote Speaker: Edmond Öfner

    He defied death, denied gravity, challenged life, railed the cold. He asked the utmost of his physical, mental, emotional and spiritual boundaries. Always worked in teams, laughed with them, cursed, cried with them. And: hardly been on a payroll.
    Curious now? Then join us at MORE-IP 2015 to see his presentation, including breathtaking slides and films which he uses to expose the essences of cooperation and personal leadership.

  • Daan_foto_groot

    Speaker Confirmed

    Daan Weddepohl, Founder & CEO of

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    Meeting Tool Now Available

    If you register for MORE-IP 2015, we will bring you a special benefit: an invitation for the meeting tool. By using this tool you can communicate and set up meetings with other attendees before you get there. You can also express your interests and get recommended to the most relevant attendees.