Why attend MORE-IP?
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MORE-IP is bringing together the professionals and decision-makers of the IP interconnection industry. By attending MORE-IP these people have the opportunity to further grow their business. They can connect to new parties, strengthen their existing business relationships, share knowledge and learn about new developments and demands.

Who is there?

Around 200 professionals from every internet related sector will be participating at MORE-IP. The following sectors are represented at MORE-IP:

  • Internet Service Providers
  • Cloud Providers
  • Hosting Providers
  • Application Providers
  • Content Providers
  • Gaming companies
  • Data Centres
  • Vendors of network equipment
  • Market research companies

What to expect?

Besides educational presentations and panel discussions, MORE-IP offers attendees plenty of networking time. To make the best use of this time, AMS-IX provides them access to a meeting tool for scheduling meetings.


Main Speakers


  • Cyber Security super star MIkko Hypponen shared his optimistic views on IoT
  • MORE-IP 2017 received an overall rating of 8.3 out of 10
  • Alix Rubsaam brought some philosophical perspective with 'AI or Die', one of the best-rated presentation
  • The event ended with a fun quiz about the zero day dynamics